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Because TMA does not benefit from city or county tax dollars, the success and growth of the Museum depends largely on the dedicated individuals and businesses who support our mission of integrating art into the lives of people.

Special Offer: Museum Members Offered Chance to Win Trip to Tuscany

New and current members now have the chance to win a trip for four to Italy’s beautiful Tuscany region. The winner of the five-day, four-night trip will experience a fabulous retreat at the Villa San Pietro, Monteverdi.

How to Qualify

New and current members are eligible for the raffle if they qualify for one of the following during the Entry Period (Dec. 1, 2017-March 2, 2018):

  • Become a new member that joins at the President’s Council or Business Council level ($1500);
  • Upgrade your current membership to the President’s Council or Business Council level ($1500); or
  • Upgrade your current President’s Council, Business Council, or Director’s Circle membership by $1500


This raffle is sponsored in part by Ottawa Hills Travel Group and Monteverdi Tuscany.

Your Toledo Museum of Art membership gives you access to lively programs, exciting exhibitions, behind-the-scenes perspectives and valuable discounts—all while supporting TMA’s century-long legacy of making your world class Museum accessible to everyone, free of charge.

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